Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Love those Grandkids!

I love my grandkids! The kids left for Florida on Sat. and since Saturday at 10 am, C. has called me 11 times! When they were in West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, when they hit Florida, when they got to their hotel, when he lost a tooth, and every night to say "Good Night"! I also have talked to D. to discuss the football scores and bowl games so far. Yep - as I sit in my chair wrapped in a blanket because the temp. outside is 25 with a windchill of 10 - I love hearing that C. just got done swimming in a heated pool, played on the beach, and it's 73 down there! I am glad they got away and are getting to spend some time with their other grandma!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Dear God,

It's a beautiful day outside. It's chilly but the sun is brightly shining and the sky is blue. But .. there are also some people who need your loving arms around them right now.
A friend of B&S who has bone cancer and had to have a leg amputated and who is still going thru chemo has developed a blood infection. He is back in the hospital today and not doing so well. His wife is frustrated and worn out. She is trying to care for S. and take care of their two small children and work. Please be with both of them as they try to get over this latest hurdle. Please give strength to E's mother and her brother-in-law who are helping out so much. And bless the co-workers of E's who are giving her their time-off hours so that she can be with her husband and still get a paycheck. Please touch their lives too so that they know how important their compassion is and let it be a lesson to us all.

S. has a friend who is also at the hospital today with a friend who is having brain surgery right now as I am sending you this prayer. The surgery started at 7 am and is expected to go until 7
pm. She has four small children. Please guide the doctors and nurses through this. Please be with all those in the waiting room - give them patience through this long day. S's friend is in that waiting room and she needs blessing as she struggles with her young son.

You already know all of these needs and I know you watching over all of them. I pray that your will be done in all of their lives and to you be the glory.

PS - Thanks for taking care of C. last week - she looking pretty spiffy!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Back to Dorothy........

Saturday, April 21, 1917:
Chilly. Regents office with grade cards - all finished.
Essay contest this afternoon and then to Church fo Funeral.
Tired & came home for supper. Paul called but said nothing about tomorrow.

Sunday, April 22, 1917:
Beautiful day but dull for me. Did not go to church. Slept all afternoon. Paul did not call up as he promised. Brought machine tonight. Went to church - then to Robbins with Ruby.
Machine gone wrong.

Monday, April 23, 1917:
Sewing and making garden.

Tuesday, April 24, 1917:
Still at home but working all the time getting ready for the picnic. Paul came down and said he would find some way of coming or getting me there.

Wednesday, April 25, 1917:
Picnic. Went with Dale and Gladys.
Paul brought me back in the wagon. Storm came up.
Stayed at Lawrences for supper. Paul & I came home in machine.

Thursday, April 26, 1917:
Tired and worn. Circus day but did not go.
Bought goods for new dress.

Friday, April 27, 1917:
Working all day cooking etc.
Paul came tonight but seemed quiet... late coming down.

Saturday, April 28, 1917:
Nothing unusual.

Sunday, April 29, 1917:
Went to church. Read all afternoon.
Paul forgot to call - so he said.
Rather late coming down and I got mad, blue, and everything else.
I hurt him by talking about Americans as bluffers etc.

Monday, April 30, 1917:
Started new dress.
Raining. Almost finished centerpiece.

Tuesday, May 1, 1917:
Mr. Hawes called and asked me to teach first grade at Pleasant. Drove me out.
Gladys, Cory, & mother burned.
Paul called this afternoon - I wasn't here. Called later.

Wednesday, May 2, 1917:
Still teaching. Mrs. Cory died this morning.
Paul came tonight and brought a box of candy. Had wonderful evening planning for out future.

Thursday, May 3, 1917:
Fine morning.
School is fine, especialy the hot lunches.
Paul did not call as promised & we missed the K.P. dance tonight.

Friday, May 4, 1917:
Raining all day. School closed at noon for Mrs. Corys funeral.
Finished dress and wore it tonight for Paul who came late again.

Saturday, May 5, 1917:
Baked pies and cake this morning. Went downtown for last check. Bought new tablecloth and sat up to hem it. Also bought linens and new dresser scarf.
Paul called.

Sunday, May 6, 1917:
Horrid, dull, cold, damp, day. Went to school for books but did not see Paul. Have a stiff neck today. Made out plans for week, Paul came early before I had finished washing dishes.

ok - ok -ok

ok - you would think I would be getting the hang of this blogging stuff! The previous blog was to be on the Fields Family Weekend Blog. I will update!
But - if anyone has any ideas - let me know!

How About.......

Ok - don't everyone jump at once!
How about a weekend at the lakes on Gary's boat?
Everyone in favor - leave a comment and vote yes!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Uncle John

I saw Uncle John last Saturday. I love Uncle John. Why? I don't know - except that he is my uncle. My mother's younger brother. He and Aunt D. had 6 kids - a huge family in my mind when I was younger. He owned an apple orchard and we always went down to get apples and visit. Uncle J. is a tiny man and he reminds me a magical little elf. Aunt D. made the best home-made caramel apples ever! But I never stayed all night with my cousins. I never had a "special" relationship with Uncle J. He never gave me any special bits of wisdom. I don't know what his favorite color is (although I would guess red!) or his favorite food. I have never even been to his current home! But - he loved my mother and he really misses her and he has the same macular degeneration eye disease that my mom had so he doesn't see well and I always have to tell him who I am. And when I see him look at me with those clear bright eyes that aren't seeing very well - I see my mom and we both have something very precious in common.

My brother has been wanting to get together with Uncle J. and listen to Uncle J. talk about his war experiences. I have heard there are some really interesting stories. I don't think I have ever know a more gentle man - it's hard to imagine him having war stories.

Sometimes it's nice to be loved or to love - just because.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

In My Opinion...

My sisters and I have joked alot about having our own talk radio show. How nice would it be to have 2 or 3 hours to just give our opinion on everything from politics to movies! I mean - we are right most of the time! While my one sister is very diplomatic and one is very direct - I would probably be the Mark Levin type and tell people to SHUT-UP !
Anyway - this week has been a very historic week in our nation's history. We have elected the first Africian-American President and even if you didn't vote for him - and I didn't - it is amazing how far our nation has come! There were close to 2 million people in Washington DC to be part of this great historical time. I heard yesterday on the news that there was not one arrest made - and that if true is impressive! There was also more money spent on this innaguration then any other in history. G.W spent about 45-50 million four years ago and was raked over the coals for spending so much but OB has spent 150 million and it's ok!!!
But now on to the important things - Michelle O's fashion - or lack there of!
Her "lemon-grass" brocade dress and coat looked like my mother's drapes from 1970! I also would have opted for a coat with BUTTONS since it was 20 degrees outside!
My sister thought her white evening gown looked like a chenille bedspread! I thought it was too long - she was constantly moving it out of her way and picking it up to walk.
I am sure that both of these outfits looked better in real life - and while they were better that alot of dresses that I have seen First Ladies wear - she needs help!

Last thoughts:
Thank you to President Bush. Thank you for keeping us safe since 911. Thank you for having broad shoulders that have had to carry alot the past 8 years. Thank you for being part of a very exclusive club that only has 44 members and being a member with dignity. I hope that you got on that plane that took you home to Texas and opened a big bottle of champaign and kicked off your shoes and said Hoo! Hoo! I'm done!!! You and your family deserve a long rest!

To President Obama:
Quit comparing yourself to Abraham Lincoln - you are not! But please have the wisdom to look back at our history and see what our true values are what our country has been based on for over 200 years. I pray that the doubts I have will be erased and you will be remembered in history as a fair and honest man. Good Luck.